Behavior is the language of unmet needs - Dr. Karyn Purvis

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Tackling trauma from the Inside Out

Hope Street Team Members lead family support groups, provide self-care experiences, and connect families with services.

Issues Covered

  • Self-Care

  • Couple Care

  • Sibling Care

  • Adult Attachment

  • Shame, Blame, and Surrender


Building Healthy Families

  • Parent Coaching: In-home or on-site

  • 10-week parent course: Individual or Group Setting

  • Parent-Child Summer Camps

  • Parent Weekend Workshops

  • Nurture Groups Training

  • Quarterly Topical Training: Case Studies, Putting the Pieces Together, Integrating TBRI Advance Course

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Coming Soon

Hope Street will soon be offering individual and family counseling for families with children with complex developmental trauma.

Is this counseling a fit for my child:

  1. Did you experience a stressful pregnancy or a difficult birth?

  2. Was your child hospitalized at birth or experience a long-term hospitalization?

  3. Has your child been exposed to a natural disaster or witnessed a violent act, and now has new behaviors?

  4. Has your child experience abuse, neglect or trauma?

  5. Do you find yourself locked in power struggles and trying to manage your child's constant tantrums?

  6. Are you exhausted and ready for strategies to calm the storm?

  7. Do you feel like you have tried everything and you are losing hope?

If these questions hit home, please reach out, you are not alone!