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Callie Lackey, Founder



As Founder and Executive Director of Hope Street, Inc., Callie led Jacksonville’s most unique trauma-informed care training and service provider. Focused on globalizing the lens, language, and healing methods used by systems who serve children from hard places, Hope Street employs healing centered engagement and Trust-Based Relational Interventions® to develop safe, cohesive, and sustainable systems of hope.

Callie believed strongly in Hope Street’s initiative to create a systemic change for trauma-informed care in Jacksonville.


Inspired by the adoption of her son from Uganda and his road to healing, Callie quickly developed a deep passion for trauma-informed care and attuned therapeutic parenting. This resolve stuck, leading her to become a TBRI® Practitioner and Educator and to create Hope Street, Inc. 

One child, One Family, and One system at a time. 



A WORD FROM JENNIFER BRADSTREET, Director of Programs and Operations and Interim Executive Director.  

I first became involved with Hope Street a few years ago. The more I learned about Hope Street- and the more I saw Callie in action- the more involved I became and have served alongside her as our Director of Programs and Operations.  

 Hope Street utilizes a framework known as Trust Based Relational Intervention (or TBRI® for short) to provide training and organizational coaching to caregivers such as educators and foster care workers, as well as family services directly to foster and adoptive parents. TBRI® recognizes that children with a history of trauma need care that addresses the whole child. The essence of TBRI® is connection; building trust between child and caregiver.  Callie was also particularly concerned with ensuring that we provide care to caregivers as well.


For Callie, TBRI® was an answer to her family’s prayers. But she wasn’t one to keep such a wonderful resource to herself. After becoming a TBRI® practitioner, Callie began coaching other adoptive families here in Jacksonville and ultimately founded Hope Street in 2017. Hope Street started in their living room, but Callie was a dreamer and wouldn’t let it stay there for long.  Within a year Hope Street was providing organizational training to the Daniel Academy and Seamark Ranch.


Callie was an advocate. Her advocacy opened doors for Hope Street and for trauma informed care in Jacksonville. She started attending the Duval County Behavioral Health Consortium meetings and then evolved to becoming a part of the Trauma Collaborative.  Her passion resonated in everything she touched and through that, Hope Street received its first grant through the City of Jacksonville and Kids Hope Alliance in 2019 to facilitate trauma awareness trainings to their partners and the overall community.


Callie was relentless. When the pandemic hit, she led Hope Street to launch an entirely virtual platform to continue to provide support and hope to the Jacksonville community and the organizations that serve them. In the past year alone, the Hope Street team has provided over 430 training and coaching hours and educated 1,737 individuals from 78 organizations regarding trauma informed care.


Callie was a builder of relationships. Not only in Jacksonville, but nationwide and worldwide. Callie collaborated with TBRI® practitioners across the country. Her work enabled Hope Street to be designated as the local partner organization of the Texas Christian University Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (the founders of TBRI®).


Callie and Hope Street began making waves within child welfare, our school system, our health care system, and the judicial system.  The dream was to to affect change in all systems of care.  If we all see through the same lens and speak the same language, we can begin to see true movement towards healing centered care.  This summer, Callie saw her work and advocacy come to fruition when she along with Hope Street were selected as the servant leader organization for the movement of Building a Trauma Informed Jacksonville.


Although Callie is no longer with us, we honor her legacy, and the work continues, through the strong, compassionate and relentless team at Hope Street.